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Risk Management - Software

TreasuryMetrics Risk Management is of a high quality level. The module supplies support for identifying, quantifying and managing Foreign Exchange Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Credit Risk and Funding Risk. Support is supplied both for operating companies and for treasury organisations.

TreasuryMetrics Risk Management will make it possible to eliminate the negative impact on your financials as a result of adverse movements in financial markets. By reducing the volatility on your earnings, you are implicitly also managing your credit rating as perceived by finance suppliers.

TreasuryMetrics Risk Management supplies support for:

  • Risk measurement and risk management
  • Risk simulations and risk sensitivity studies
  • Hedge accounting support
  • EMIR reporting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Market data analysis
  • Asset & liability management support
  • Control procedures; workflow management support

TreasuryMetrics has generic import- and export interfaces, where different formats can be supported from different sources. Next, it has generic full STP interfaces to connect to financial systems, ERP systems, trading systems, confirmation matching systems, trade repositories and market data vendors.

With TreasuryMetrics there are no “unexpected” expenses, such as long implementation periods. The complete functional implementation will take a few weeks.