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Note: We feel that we should not advertise at the cost of our clients. These client cases serve to show that we have enough references from a wide range of different organisations. Names and contact details can be given upon request.

Client Case

  • World leading coating company

    Treasury Services realises above target savings.

    After this corporate acquired a new business unit, it was decided to sell the outstanding interest rate hedges of the business unit (which was formerly owned by a private equity investor). Treasury Services was asked to calculate the Fair Value of the outstanding hedges after an investment bank offered a price for the portfolio. Treasury Services however calculated a Fair Value which was millions of EUR higher than what the bank offered. The end result of the analysis and various discussions was that the bank admitted that they made a mistake in the Fair Value calculation.

    After this fast success Treasury Services was asked to develop and implement the EMEA cash management structure. After implementation of the structure we were able to collect a very significant amount of “trapped cash” for debt reduction. We were also able to decrease the bank costs and the organisation costs significantly. After completion Treasury Services was also asked to develop and implement a foreign exchange risk management infrastructure.