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Note: We feel that we should not advertise at the cost of our clients. These client cases serve to show that we have enough references from a wide range of different organisations. Names and contact details can be given upon request.

Client Case

  • World leader in electron microscopy technology

    Treasury Services develops a Foreign Exchange Risk infrastructure.

    This organisation is a former business unit of a worldwide leading electronics technology corporate, who is also a client of Treasury Services. Treasury Services was asked to assist the business unit with the disentanglement from the corporate. An important focus point was the development of a foreign exchange risk management infrastructure, with special attention on the hedging of anticipated exposures. An infrastructure was developed from the business units to the central Treasury for the identification, quantification and centralisation of the risk. The procesess were implemented with the support of a dedicated training programm for the export managers, purchasers, controllers and the central Treasury people. Policies were developed for the decentralised business units and the central Treasury department.