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Note: We feel that we should not advertise at the cost of our clients. These client cases serve to show that we have enough references from a wide range of different organisations. Names and contact details can be given upon request.

Client Case

  • International supplier of specialty wire and cable products

    Treasury Services develops a Risk Management infrastructure for managing the price risk on Copper.

    The corporate was facing an enormous price increase in one of their main raw materials, Copper. In one year time prices moved from $ 1.000 to $ 8.000. Treasury Services was asked to develop a Risk Management infrastructure so that the price risk could be managed with a longer term time horizon. The objective was that the corporate should be able to profit from price decreases in Copper prices, but that price increases would be hedged. We developed and implemented a policy and the related processes and we supplied a dedicated training for the purchasers. We also developed a pricing & analysis model as a software solution.