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Cash Management - Training

Learn, Earn and Impress: develop your skills with our high quality online e-learning training courses.

The e-learning Treasury Academy enables you to decide when, where and how you want to follow training courses. Training courses are instantly available through our secured platform.

Treasury Services also offers in-company training courses. In-company courses can be tailored to your needs and workshops from your own business can be included to make the training course even more practical for your specific situation.

With our Cash Management trainings we will teach you how to develop an efficient cash management infrastructure and how to manage the structure efficiently taking into account different aspects. We will train you in various cash management solutions, for different geographical regions, and we will teach the pros and cons of the alternatives so you can make the best choice for your organisation.

Our trainings will explain how to minimise external debt needs; to save on bank costs, organisation costs, legal costs and implementation costs; to create synergy in finance and risk management and to enhance controls.

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