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Cash Management - Services

Treasury Services offers project management services, consulting services, interim management services and sparring partner services.

Collection of “idle cash” is a key objective for many organisations, so that this cash can be used to pay off debt or to finance the organisation.

In the Cash Management function Treasury Services can help you to be efficient in managing your global liquidity, minimise external debt needs and funding needs for working capital changes, decrease your organisation costs, bank costs and interest costs, create an infrastructure so that you receive your money faster at lower costs.

Our consultants can help you to analyse and design the best suitable cash management infrastructure for your specific situation; we can help in the negotiations with banks; we can effectively implement the structure in your organisation; we can build the infrastructure and we can help you to define and set up the processes. Off course, also the implementation of a bank independent cash pooling structure through our software TreasuryMetrics can be done by our consultants.

The consultants of Treasury Services have many years of international experience in Cash Management. With our international expertise we are able to create advanced solutions in Cash Management, which can result in enormous savings.